Autumn Has Arrived

autumn has arrived by love merkuri

I wake myself up from a disturbing dream of me strangling someone. So vivid I could feel their neck as though they were right there. I saw the way their face turn a crimson red as they began to splatter, I forced myself to let go…

It’s pitch black. All I can hear is the heavy rain smacking against the glass door. From there it’s a restless night of never falling back to sleep again.

The sound of the alarm goes off.

I later find out: strangling someone in your dream“Are you repressing or denying a vital aspect of your expression?…the person being strangled may represent an aspect of yourself that you are not allowing to express...” Hmmm…how interesting. – Source: Dream Dictionary

Its only Thursday. My whole body groans from the lack of sleep and all I want to do is sink into the mattress and remain buried deeply beneath the blanket.

F the world, I think to myself.

Eventually, that other part of you kicks in. We all know it as routine of getting ready to go to work. But I can’t shake off how strange time has become. This week has probably been the most strangest…which is why it’s a good time to be staying off social media right now and especially, ignoring fear based media news reporting of world events.

It is still pouring with rain. I make a bolt out the front door and run to my car. Anxiety starts to make my heart go faster at the thought of getting behind the wheel and driving in this downpour while it’s still dark. Once in the drivers seat, I set an intention that I will drive safely and it will be a smooth run to my train station.

It was.

We received a months rain all in one day.

I finally get back home again. Usually I rush to shower so I can get out of my work clothes and get straight back onto my computer to continue working on updating one of my products for my Etsy Shop.

I decided to grab my camera, pop on the macro lens and headed outside into the garden. It is cliché, but I do love taking photographs of just rained on plants and smell the earth after a good rain fall.

Autumn has arrived and what a wonderful relief...

raindrops by love merkuri
floating by love merkuri
potato plant by love merkuri
green with ivy by love merkuri
green with ivy II by love merkuri
floating II by love merkuri
tiny flower by love merkrui
Love Merkuri