New (But Not Really) Fujifilm 60mm Macro Lens & Sample Photos

New (But Not Really) Fujifilm 60mm Macro Lens & Sample Photos by Love Merkuri

Last week I finally ended up with a camera lens I have had on my Wishlist for quite sometime and we all know that camera lenses are not cheap!
When you’re also someone who has had some, well, challenging moments with money I have had to look for other ways to obtain the things I long for.

In the past I never had an issue when it came to buying things on either a credit card or through a financing contract (pay over time, interest free for the first 12months etc. etc.) and not going to lie, I’ve been reckless with my spending and got into a lot of debt. I’ll save ‘talking about debt’ post for another time. I did’t really want to get too in depth with this post today.

But I do want to share my little “secret”. When I fall into one of my classic rabbit holes and in a total geeking out on camera gear, I came across this website site called Cameracorp. And it is AMAZING.
Not an affiliate either before I go on to say, they provide both brand new and pre-loved all things camera related and other tech related gear.

The beauty is you can either rent for a minimal of 3 or 6monhts and after that term you can continue to rent and later decide whether to keep the item OR return it.

Last year

I switched over from using a Fujifilm X100(F) which is a fixed lens camera, to a camera body I can change lenses on – a Fujifilm X-T3 and of course I wanted to expand my lens collection. But, how does one do that when they aren’t on top of their finances (yet)?

Hello to Renting!

Fujinon XF 16mm f/1.4 Lens
Fujinon XF 16mm f/1.4 Lens

I had full intention of buying out the 16mm lens. It’s gorgeous. It’s super sharp, super quick, gives a nice a wide angle view and…rather heavy due to the amount of glass is in it.
It became my ‘go to’ whenever I created studio style photos, but I also hadn’t intended for it to be solely on that. It was supposed to be used for low light photography also. Guess what, I barely went out at night or very early morning to utilise the huge aperture (the amount of light you allow in) of f/1.4!

Pros & Cons Later…

behind the scenes, mixed media, spray painted flowers by love merkuri
BTS: Ongoing Project ‘The Dead Flowers Journal’. Lens: Fujinon XF 16mm f/1.4 Lens

I found myself window shopping secondhand lenses at Micheals Camera House and spotted a Fujinon XF 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens just under 600 hundred dollars. Fujifilm has also just released a new 80mm Macro Lens, but comes with a hefty price tag of $1700, some places over $1800 and it usually drives down the prices of older lenses or people resell/trade in their old one.

It was a hard decision, but since I am now all about being a bit more wiser with my finances, it made sense to me to get a lens that costs HALF the price to rent compared to the current one and this lens is going to be a lot cheaper to buy outright later on.
The current lens is going to take much longer for me to be able to own it…so bye-bye very expensive lens…

It arrives!

The beauty about Cameracorp is they ship your item out super quick. I had it within a two days after I requested it. My first impression…

It’s. So. Damn. Light!

Off goes the 16mm and away I went! I had a vase of gorgeous (my new favourite type of rose by the way) pink Garden Roses sitting on my desk, plus I like to make sure I always have fresh flowers in my creative work space and so it only made sense to take the first few shots of them! Afterwards, I took it for a spin in the garden.

Garden Roses Shot 1 by Love merkuri
Garden Rose Love Merkuri
Petals Colour Palette Shot 10 by Love Merkuri
Shell Texture Shot 4 by Love Merkuri
Hey Bug Shot 8 by Love Merkuri
Old Macrame Shot 7 by Love Merkuri
See Into The Centre Shot 8 by Love Merkuri