5 Ways To Up-Level My Life for 2020

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First off, Happy New Year!

But my goodness, the way we entered into the new year, new decade was hyper and not in a good hyper sort of way. The country I call home Australia set even more ablaze and became one of the most horrific bushfires to date and is still being fought to this day after many months already. WWIII became the top meme on the internet. Iran accidentally bombs down a plan killing over 170 passengers. The Royal Family crumbles even more. An earthquake hits Peru andddd…a volcano erupts in New Zealand the country I grew up in, oh and also one in my birth county the Philippines. All these world events caused everyone to be even more outraged.

Outraged by Tump.Outraged by climate change.Outrage towards the Australian Prime Minister.Outrage and sadness of the amount of animals lost to bush fires.Outrage at pretty much nearly everything.

What has happened to us?

Seeing my newsfeed fill up with just bad shit happening was intense and exhausting. Feeling helpless in not being able to do more to help those affected by bushfires and animals that required to be nursed from horrific burns. The images of death and destruction can get all a bit too much for an overly sensitive soul. Being exposed constantly will at some point just want to make you disconnect and I don’t mean this to become ignorant to what is going on with the world. There is a reason why we should all adopt in stop focusing on all the doom and gloom. There are more things in life we can shift our focus onto such as: love, kindness, compassion and tolerance towards each other as well as animals.

I have always been a big dreamer when it comes to wanting to live in a world where every single one of use can get along. A world where no one is offended AT. EVERRRRRRRYTHING! When did we become so outraged and offended so easily now? These are just two of the too many things that divide us all. The internet was once a place where I loved hanging out in. Being someone who needs a constant supply of information to be feed directly into my brain I would lose myself for hours and hours just reading about anything and everything. I use to even participate in chat rooms, even forums! Now, it’s become the most weirdest and often times messed up place on this planet.

we over come by love merkuri

Everyone, almost everyone of us has a soapbox to stand on and be able to voice our opinion to anyone who cared to give us the spotlight. Suddenly, it grew louder and louder because we ALL want to be heard. We ALL have something to say about something and we ALL have the right too. Eventually, no one wanted to hear what you had to say, because no likes having their own values or opinion being challenged. Queue in the rise of trolling, cyber bullying and the whole cancelled culture.I’m here scratching my head wondering why do people waste so much energy taking down other people, and usually people they DON’T even know in real life!?

But then there is the other side. A new wave of being more kind to each other online when people with mental health issues were finally able to share, be heard and come out from the long silence they have suffered in for too long. We see inspirational and motivational quotes start to get trendy and for a moment…the internet is once again a lovely place to hang out on.

But like all honeymoon periods they do eventually end.

Instead of going on there to connect with one another, we’ve actually have become more disconnected. Even my once most favourite social media place Instagram has now become a mess. Like a lot of us we collectively groaned when we stopped seeing posts in chronological order, soon we were missing those we wanted to see and when they did finally show up it was days ago that they had posted their wonderful photo. It suddenly became all about how many likes you received and how many followers you had in order to ensure your photo was the first one everyone saw who followed you on their feed. This then created the terrible ‘flex’ culture and the over the top life styles of the “influencer” (queue eye roll).

It was no longer about coming on there to share your photos of your everyday life, no, suddenly it was about becoming “Instafamous” (gag noises here). Hello new shallow world of soulless, dead in the eyes selfies. Selfies. Selfies…

Instagram became my new love/hate relationship the moment Facebook brought it. What a dreadful mistake that was, queue in the ads and holy crap what the hell happened?!But the problem was when I found myself starting to compare my life and my work against others, instead of being inspired, I found myself feeling despair because I wasn’t at their Level of “success”. It is a tough battle trying to juggle the balance of healthy scrolling vs. scrolling to make your life seem depressing. Soon enough people began to take social media detoxes, myself included. The longest I had ever been off social media was…only 30days. Yup. But after that I did start to spend less time, ensuring I didn’t check my social media on the weekends, switched off after 7pm and did not go back on until at least 9a.m. Of course I never stuck to my routine, we all have bad days once and in a while and looking at social media became a way to just numb out from reality.

So, for 2020 I want to:

1. Spend even more less time on social media.

This is to help me gain back all the focus I lose when I could/SHOULD be spending that time creating and writing. Being more present and connected with my loved one and loved ones. There is nothing more sad seeing two people sitting at a cafe hunched over their phones instead of engaging with one another. Plus, I am easily distracted a.k.a. shiny object syndrome…I want to be able to put a lot more attention in trying to future proof my life. Learn more new things and be able to provide really cool (and pretty) stuff for my online shop.

2. Stop comparing myself to other people once and for all!

This one I have been battling for a very long time and has been the hardest one to work on. I had to admit that I do lack a lot of confidence and trust within myself. I have to start taking better care in my self talk. Good grief we can be so hard on ourselves.

3. (Re)Style & Design my entire life.

Okay, so, I’m not exactly what you would can a fashionista or someone who has a flair for interior designing. This is mainly due to the fact I always stay in a very, (very) comfortable zone, so therefore my clothes reflect “stuck in comfort”. But it’s also because I don’t like to stand out more than I already do now thanks to my tattoos. There was once a time where I absolutely adored having all the newest and latest pieces of clothing and shoes and was admired (or envied) when I showed up to school or at parties with a sense of fashion that had copy cats a week later…I even would wear my hair in all kinds of different styles attracting comments like, “You should be a hair dresser when you grow up.”This is the year I will try to reclaim back a sense of fashion style and put better design attention to the photos and artwork I create.

4. Be less wasteful.

This is a tough one. I do my best to reduce the amount of waste I make everyday, but I know I need to try harder to find better ways of creating less waste. Reduce my take away lunches – yes, I am very lazy when it comes to making my own lunches and reduce coffee cups heading straight to landfill by drinking my coffee at the cafe or ensuring I use my ‘Keep Cup’ as much as possible. Always, always have a reusable bag with me at all times and buy more eco friendly stationary and other items.

5. Enjoy, I mean really enjoy life more.

Sounds strange doesn’t it? I am turning 40 this year in June and like every year I quietly have an existential crisis. There has been times where I wonder if I have fallen behind on a lot of things, missed the boat on: having a baby, getting married, buying a house etc. etc. (not that I want any of these things, a house – yes) and often felt like I am wasting my life. I don’t want to have that mindset anymore. This year I want it be filled with even more experiences, more spontaneous road trips and most of all more joy. I have been such a worrier rather than enjoying this precious life of mine. And I might even just finally go into a new career! Graphic & Designing. We all start somewhere, some of us have to start somewhere over and over again until, eventually we find that sweet spot.I am feeling a lot more hopeful this year, 2019 was tough on a lot of us and it didn’t help that we entered 2020 the way we did. Perhaps all this chaos is only going to be at the beginning of the year and the rest of the year is going to be smooth sailing.Let’s hope so. How do you plan on to up-level your new year?

Love Merkuri x

3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Up-Level My Life for 2020

  1. I have no idea about the majority of the current events you mentioned, besides Australia. I refuse to consume the news and refuse to be passive – aggressively bullied into « staying informed » i.e. taking sides, in order to be seen as a good person. I left Facebook years ago. The only reason I stay with Instagram is because I’ve managed to be in a nice community, no political or self righteous posts at all. It makes a huge difference on peace of mind, but so many are addicted to the outrage. Wishing you serenity.


  2. I usually don’t get so caught up, but this happens when I know it’s time to switch off.
    It’s always nice regaining back lost hours. I’ve read an entire book this week, wrote a blog, working on projects and being productive. It’s nice. Instagram – I admit is a ‘nicer’ place, but not when I find myself scrolling mindless. Am enjoying the serenity thank you, wish you the same back!


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