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While the world is in the throws of chaos as they prepare for Christmas festivities, I weave my way around the crowds that increase each day as we get closer to that day of the year. I observe faces, most I see are scrunched up with stress and worry as they rush about carrying bags and bags of presents that usually will end up in landfill before the new year has started. It’s all too weird for me, and I cannot relate the way people seemingly become so flustered by all of the family things they have to attended and all of the end of year parties. I float in between and am oblivious to the pressures everyone feels at this time of year.Some might say “How lucky!” or some might be secretly envious that I am not sharing my load of running around like a headless chook. Poor headless chook… Instead, I look forward to finally begin to wrap up the year in quiet ritual: Journal & plenty of pens. Look back on yet another year…hooray! You survived! Give yourself a pat on the back.The growing pains of deep transformation are starting to subside as you begin to get to know this new you emerging from who knows where…
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Look back on yet another year…hooray! You survived!

But it’s a relief. The moment we feel all is lost and hopeless you are suddenly reawakened.  The world is bright again. New found hope pulses in your veins. Everything was necessary, of course we never see it that way when we’re in the thick of it. Sometimes we are on the verge of wanting to scream until your lungs pop because you lost sight of all those goals you set yourself at the start of the year. You realise that those goals, were after all not for you. Instead they needed to be to be re-examined and ask yourself what is it you truly want in life.At first you fight it. You try to push through, but uh-oh you’re looking at others peoples success and their work and soon, your “research“ and “looking for inspiration” has become a misery. So, you threw everything back onto the back burner. Retreat from the world and hide. The thing with retreating within yourself is you get to examine, if you dare, the old parts of yourself from your fractured past.  But. What’s this? You aren’t affected by it. The residues of the past can, finally be put to rest. You forgive those who’ve messed you up. You release the last drops of angry poison from the wounds of your heart and truly become at peace with all the shit you’ve gone through in order to get to where you are now.

You release the last drops of angry poison from the wounds of your heart

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Tomorrow I will be kicking off a 7 Days of Journaling prompts on Pinterest to help you start to begin reflecting on all the ups and downs life had thrown at you this year. By the end of it, I hope it will allow you to create an end of year ritual. Don’t be afraid, you might learn new about yourself.The power of writing is something that cannot be denied. Follow along with me on: www.pinterest.com.au/lovemerkuri and save my up and coming Pins!

Love Merkuri